Chicago native, Chanelle Moragne spent over 12 years working as an event planner who focused primarily on weddings. Creating beautiful spaces for her clients' most special days was lovely, rewarding, allowed her to develop her signature aesthetic, and hone her design skills. Ultimately, Chanelle wanted to be more hands-on in creating furniture and spaces that lasted more than just one day.

With Oak + Elm, Chanelle is a maker, an artisan, and a designer. She has always loved wood work and began with simple projects like making step stools for kids. Her passion now ignited, she started on more sophisticated pieces such as floating shelves and coffee tables. The more she worked with her hands the more her obsession became her passion. Oak + Elm was born. Chanelle now creates one-of-a-kind, custom, artisan pieces as well as stage picture perfect spaces for her ever growing list of clients.

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